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Porto 2016

We\’ll be in the beautiful city of Porto in May. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the following sessions.

Science of Teams training

This is an intensive full day session covering some of the important science behind effective teamwork and you can use this with your teams.  During the day we cover:

  • What is a team?
  • How Teamwork is not groupwork
  • Team development models
  • Team leadership 
  • Cohesion

This training is focused on people looking to understand their teams and make improvements in how the teams work by giving attendees deeper understanding of teams and more tools for working with teams.

For details of what we cover, check out our training page.



Team Gym

Get your team to the gym!

Your organisation relies on people working in groups. Leading working groups wisely can make a difference to how well projects work, the experience of team members, and the health of the organisation as a whole.

This session is focused on how the team works, and how the team can work better. From our experience working with teams, and the empirical evidence about what makes them effective, we can help you set up teams that people enjoy being in, and that get good results.

In half a day we can help to set your team on a course so they will stick together, work together, and lead together.

Leading teams

“How do I build a team that is greater than the sum of its parts?”

In this half day workshop we give you the tools and understanding to build and lead real teams.

  • You will learn how leading teams is different from leading a collection of individuals.
  • You will learn the needs of effective teams, and how to meet those needs in your own team.
  • We will cover some common problems in teams, and the right strategies to deal with each.

Avengers and Teams

What can we learn from the Avengers about Teamwork?

This is a 90 minute presentation where we look at the Avengers movies and see what they get right and wrong about being a team.  We will introduce you to some of the science behind great teamwork, and how you can make your teams great.


Full day session – Public €300 per person. Internal €250

Half day session – Public €150 per person. Internal €120

Talk – Internal €250