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The Peeps

\"AntonCartoon\"Anton du Toit is a registered psychologist. He has worked with families, couples, and individuals. He has not always been a psychologist, though, having worked in finance and in marketing in research, analysis, and project management roles. He has an Honours degree in Economics, and the usual string of letters after his name that psychologists have. One day, he will re-enrol at some university and finish his postgraduate research.

\"LachlanCartoon\"Lachlan Heasman is a coach and trainer. He has wide experience and knowledge in the software development and IT world and has worked on several major and many small change programs in Australia. Lachlan has a Masters in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney which gives him a unique (and often annoying) perspective on coaching, leadership and change in the IT community (which he often shares without being asked). His industry experience includes retail and online banking, insurance, telecoms, media, retail, legal and government.