Cohesion Questionnaire (Carless & De Paolo)

Welcome to your Cohesion Questionnaire (Carless & De Paolo)


Score your response to each of the 9 items  in the quiz (1 - Strongly disagree.  2 - Disagree.  3 - Neutral.  4 - Agree.  5 - Strongly agree). Your results will be displayed at the end, and they can also be emailed to you if you wish.

1. Our team works together to reach its goals for performance

2. I’m happy with my team’s level of commitment to the task

3. Everyone in my team wants to achieve the same level of performance

4. I have enough opportunities to improve my personal performance

5. Our team would like to spend time together outside of work hours

6. Members of our team stick together outside of work time

7. Members of our team would go out together as a team

8. For me this team is one of the most important social groups to which I belong

9. Some of my best friends are in this team

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